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    LEGO Education Tubes
    LEGO Education Tubes

    LEGO Education Tubes

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    LEGO® Education Tubes lets children explore a world of fantasy animals and other creative builds – made from Tubes!
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    Using a colorful collection of unique tube elements, LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, balls, doors and baskets, and 6 building inspiration cards, kids can create an egg-laying hen, dragon, little pooping larva and more. Tubes develops children's 21st century skills, such as problem-solving, collaboration and fine motor skills, while introducing them to cause and effect, symmetry and 3D shape recognition. This fun Early Learning set for preschoolers also includes a Getting Started card containing 5 simple ideas to inspire playful learning with Tubes in the classroom. 150 LEGO® DUPLO® elements, including colorful tubes, bricks, 6 balls, doors and baskets, for unlimited playful learning and creative fun for preschoolers. Comes with 6 building inspiration cards to create fun buildable animals and a Getting Started card for teachers with 5 activity ideas for a great start to fun classroom activities. Develops essential 21st century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration and fine motor skills, and introduces cause and effect, symmetry and 3D shaperecognition. Part of the LEGO® Education Early Learning system of holistic learning for preschoolers. If you are an educator buying these products for schools or to deliver other accredited learning, please click on the link below for more information on how to source and use these solutions to deliver learning outcomes tailored to your local education requirements, such as options on classroom packs, professional development offerings and advice on classroom solutions. Are you a home user, looking for a way to provide home learning activities for children of all ages? Whether they’re in the classroom or the living room children have big imaginations, innate curiosity, and a desire to explore and take risks. All you need are the resources to tap into them. LEGO Education wants to help. Hands-on learning provides a medium for building ideas and models while practicing important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. For more than 40 years, LEGO Education has been developing educational solutions based on a well-established educational theory that children learn best and remember more through hands-on experiences. Our products aren't toys - instead home use of LEGO Education Learning Resources is intended to be a highly rewarding education experience that supplements locally applicable curriculum needs.

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    LEGO Education Tubes
    LEGO Education Tubes

    LEGO Education Tubes

    194.66 €
    204.90 €
    Save 5%
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